Turn Your Dresses
into Capital

We promote the sharing economy of fashionable dresses to help create sustainable fashion that is environment friendly. No dress in a good condition will ever go to waste.

How It Works
Sell or rent out dress
Wear, snap & list
Wear, snap & list

Earn money with your dress in few simple steps. Wear it and take photos of at least 3 angles of you and your dress according to our listing instruction (sign up/sign in first!). Go to the listing page to upload your dress. You will find our listing instruction there.

Sell or rent out
Sell or rent out

Once you have received an order for your dress, arrange for own shipping. For a rental transaction, your dress should be returned to you within five (5) days from the date of order.

Make money
Make Money

In each sale/rental transaction, the deposit and payment specified will be collected by Dresstal on behalf of you. The payment will be transferred to you upon the completion of a transaction (confirmation of dress received by customer in a sale/rental transaction). The deposit will be returned to the customer upon confirmation of dress returned to owner in good condition in a rental transaction).