Dresstal FAQ

Getting started:
Dresstal does not own an inventory of dresses placed for rent or on sale. Online users who signed up with Dresstal (we call them Dresstalians here!) can place their used dresses for rent or on sale by dresstalling at our online marketplace in their own Dresstal account. Dresstalians can also rent or buy used dresses from other Dresstalians who set up their dresstalls at Dresstal. Don’t worry, the dresses at our marketplace are in good conditions.
To dresstall means to rent out your dresses at Dresstal’s marketplace. Firstly, sign up for a free account with us. Set up your dresstall by posting your dresses (dresstalling) according to our friendly step-by-step interface and terms and conditions. Then, you are ready to go!

To buy a dress at Dresstal’s marketplace, you must first sign up for a free account with us. Then, browse freely at others’ dresstall and choose the dresses based on your preferences. Add the dresses into your shopping cart to rent/buy now or later. Proceed to checkout to make your reservation.

Your profile:
You can sign up using your Facebook account, Google account or e-mail address.
Having a complete profile helps the Dresstal team understand you. Your profile is also a representation of you at your dresstall, similar to your presence as if you were tending a physical store. Impression and reviews are important at any online marketplace, so setting your profile right can help build trust in your potential customers. Besides that, providing your body measurements and address on your profile page can speed up the dress listing process. Measurements will help us match you to dresses that fit you best. Of course, not all of your details will be made public according to our privacy policies.
Yes, you may use your Facebook account to sign up for a Dresstal account.
No, one account can only be linked to one e-mail address.
There is no such feature at the moment.
Very easy! You only need to sign up for a Dresstal account and make payment when you checkout. Your reservation will be updated in your Dresstal account once the payment is confirmed.
A verification code will be sent to your email during sign-up. Key in the code according to the sign up instructions and your email address will be verified.
A verification code will be sent to your phone when you add your mobile number. Key in the code according to the sign up instructions and your mobile number will be verified.
Security & password:
You can reset your password in the β€œSecurity” section within your account.
You can do so by editing your profile.
Email from Dresstal will be using @dresstal.com domain. We will never ask for your login detail such as password with the email.
Dresstal exists as a bridge between dress owners and customers. At Dresstal.com, dress owners are encouraged to post reviews about customers and vice versa, subject to our Posting and Content Policy. Dress owners are encouraged to collect a deposit payment via Dresstal Marketplace and dress owners are bound by Dresstal’s Dress Owner Guarantee to minimize the risk of breach of terms.
Dresstal’s website is compatible with Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.
Setting up your dresstall:
You can edit your dresstall in β€œYour Listing” section.
Dresses that are displayed at owners’ dresstalls are categorised into three classNamees: Casual, Formal or Cultural, based on Dresstal’s standards and expectations. Dresses in each category can only be rented out or sold at an allowable price range.
You can specify your location or address in your profile or during dress listing. The GPS location is a mandatory field for a listing to be published. Once the location is saved, the location will be automatically filled for the next dress that you want to list.
Dresstal will only display the city, state and country of your address but not the full address for privacy and security reasons. However, you can opt to provide your full address to your customer.
Post multiple dresses in your dresstall by performing multiple, independent uploads.
You can share your dresstall on social media websites, such as Facebook.
When you post a dress at your dresstall, you will be asked to select a category for the dress (Casual, Formal or Cultural) according to Dresstal’s standards and expectations. There is a reference price range for each category of dresses. The advised calculation formula is as follows:
Original price of dress (RM)Recommended percentage of chargeResale amount (RM)
100 – 900<50%50 – 450
1,000 – 2,000<50%500 – 1,000
3,000 – 4,000<50%1,500 – 2,000
5,000 – 10,000<50%2,500 – 5,000
The recommended resale price for a dress is 50% of the original price. However, for dresses which the original price is more than RM 10,000, the resale price can be adjusted well below the 50%.
Communicating with customers:
You and your customer can communicate via Dresstal mailbox as your contact information will be visible to each other once a reservation is confirmed (payment made).
You have agreed to our Non-discrimination Policy when you set up your dresstall at Dresstal, which means that the dresses you have listed is open to reservation by any user of Dresstal. You may decline a reservation by providing a valid reason. However, your dresstall may be reviewed or rated negatively as a consequence.
Anyone can book dresses on behalf of someone else. Dresses can be collected or returned by any third party as arranged between a dress owner and a customer. However, the responsibility will be held by the customer whose user account at Dresstal.com is used to make the reservation should any dispute ensues.
Any such arrangement to see a dress should be made personally between a dress owner and a customer. Dresstal will not bear any responsibility for any damage or loss incurred due to such arrangement. It is important that owners display accurate information and photographs of dresses at their dresstall to avoid confusions which may necessitate viewing of dresses before booking.
A transaction is deemed complete (i.e. 24 hours after an agreed date of dress return) without advanced cancellation. You can report to Dresstal and the full payment after the deduction of a Dresstal service fee will be transferred to you if your customer does not show up for their collection. If your customer does not show up for their return, the full payment after the deduction of a Dresstal service fee, and a deposit amount held by Dresstal will be transferred to you after report to Dresstal. The deposit will be retained by you if you have chosen earlier to collect it personally from your customer during the transaction.
Accepting a reservation:
Dresstal has a Non-discrimination Policy, which allows transactions between people of different races, religions, genders, ages and social backgrounds. By setting up a dresstall here, you must agree to our Non-discrimination Policy.
Your customer’s contact information will be shared with you once a reservation is confirmed. Your customer will also receive your contact information. Please make personal arrangements on the collection and return.
It is up to the agreement between a dress owner and a customer whether or not a contract is necessary for the transaction. Dresstal does not take part in such contract nor should be legally bound by it.
The transaction:
A customer may book a dress by selecting and making payment for the dress. The reservation will be confirmed after the payment is successful.
You can specify dates that are unavailable for booking for each dress by editing your listing.
Booking confirmations are sent to the e-mail addresses of both parties (the owner and the customer), and their dashboards at Dresstal.com.
A customer’s contact information will be shared to you once a reservation is confirmed. You may contact the customer personally using the contact information.
Dress owners are advised to negotiate with customers should an incident of loss or damage occur. Upon agreement, dress owners may collect a payment for loss/damage or compensate from the deposit payment that was collected earlier during the transaction, if any.
Service fees are charged to maintain quality services, sustain IT networking for accurate matching of users’ body measurements, and for administration purposes.
Regulations on taxes are subject to the laws of Malaysia or the country in which the business takes place, if outside Malaysia.
GST or VAT is not applicable to transactions at the moment. However, GST may be applicable to all transactions in the future, but will be absorbed by Dresstal.
Security deposits:
Deposits that are placed with Dresstal will be held 24 hours after the completion of transactions. In the event of loss/damage, owners must claim for loss/damage, should any such event occur before the receipt of the dress is acknowledged by dress owner on Dresstal website. If the dress is damaged, do not confirm acknowledge receipt of the dress until the investigation is completed. Otherwise, a transaction will be deemed successful and the deposit will be returned to the customer.
The deposit payment will be fully forfeited for a lost dress and partially forfeited for a damaged dress, according to agreement with the customer.
Changes & cancellations:
Dresstal will hold the customer’s payment until he/she has acknowledged receipt of the dress. In the event of a change of reservation, Dresstal should be informed by the customer via the reservation page in Dresstal.com, then you will be notified accordingly.
No, the price cannot be changed for a confirmed reservation because a payment would have been made at this point of transaction.
You have agreed to our Non-discrimination Policy when you set up your dresstall at Dresstal, which means that the dresses you have listed is open to reservation by any user of Dresstal. You may cancel a reservation, but you may be reviewed or rated negatively as a consequence.
Your customer may cancel a reservation up to 3 times for free by providing a valid reason. They will be charged from the 4th cancellation onwards. Cancellations must be done at least 3 days in advance to avoid their payment from being forfeited. For each cancellation, they may be reviewed or rated negatively as a consequence.
You may remove your dress from the dresstall anytime if it has not been reserved. However, if a reservation has been confirmed, our Cancellation Policy will apply.
Dresstal website only supports ONE payout method.
Currently, the payout currency is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) only.
International transfer is currently not allowed.
Any complaint from customer will be reported to support.my@dresstal.com. Dresstal group will investigate on the reported case and fair action will be taken to determine the refund amount by owner. Investigation period depends on the level of cooperation between dress owner and customer.
Because payments are retained by Dresstal, refunds will be transferred by Dresstal once they are confirmed.
Reviews about a user, which are subject to Dresstal’s Posting and Contents Policy, will be posted on the user’s profile and can be viewed by any other users. Reviews are important as a feedback system to ensure that quality services are provided according to Dresstal’s standards and expectations.
A review should be provided by customer/dress owner as soon as a transaction has ended.
You may not edit a review after it has been posted.
A review is encouraged not only for a cancelled transaction, but also for any successful transaction.
Dresstal can be contacted via the official website and e-mail address.
You may provide feedback to Dresstal via support.my@dresstal.com.